When I first started in business, I sucked at that.
The first time I tried to kick a football I sucked.
The first time I tried to write my own name, I couldn’t spell it, I sucked.
The first time I rode a bike, I sucked so bad I fell off.

It’s important to embrace and really understand the fact that whenever we try something new that we haven’t done before, we should expect to suck at it. Just like all of our idols and all the people who we look up to sucked when they first started doing what they do now.

Look at Ed Sheeran, his early recordings sucked so bad it literally hurt your ears.
Katy Perry’s 1st album sucked so bad it sold 200 copies.
Bill Gates, his first company went bankrupt because it sucked so bad.
Stephen King was rejected by 30 publishers because he sucked so bad.
I think that it’s important to know that everything we do in life requires a little bit of time, persistence and patience. But I think we live in a bit of a society where we think success is fast. Success is not fast, luck is fast, winning the lottery, that’s fast. When people realise that success doesn’t happen overnight, a lot of people quit.

But your dreams aren’t finished when things start to suck, your dreams are finished when you lose your patience and you quit, and that sucks.

Andy Evans