Steven Bartlett


Steven is a disruptive voice of the changing social and media world


In the last few years, he has become an award winning entrepreneur, speaker and investor and now leads a company of 150+ like minded individuals who are quickly disrupting the ever-changing social sphere.
Social Chain’s presence is now felt in Manchester, London, Berlin, New York and worldwide! But above all, his passion lies in engaging and inspiring the next generation...

" The pursuit of pleasing        everyone, requires the same actions as the pursuit of being totally invisible to the world "





Steven speaks at major events all over the world. Click the above video to watch his TedTalk which has reached over a million views or click below to see where he's speaking next. 


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It all started when I was flying from New York to the Manchester office when I realised that throughout my life, whenever I'd ever tried something new I started off sucking at it. I wrote a big Whatsapp message to my best friend and he suggested I turn it into a blog post. Since then I've had a number of other thoughts and decided to write about them too. 




In an office with a slide, puppies and a bar we have a lot of fun but being an entrepreneur is not the exciting high life portrayed in the media.

Thats why I thought it was important for me to document my journey as a young CEO in todays digital age. By opening the doors to every aspect of my life I hope you can see the highs and the lows of being involved in this way of life and the sacrafice involved.