Botswana born and Plymouth raised, Steve is the 25 year old CEO and co founder of Social Chain Group. Europe's largest social media and digital publishing house, consisting of two companies; Social Chain and Media Chain.

Social Chain Group is renowned for delivering groundbreaking social campaigns for some of the most exciting global brands. Since its onset, the group has developed a digital publishing house, Media Chain which now owns some of the largest media assets online, reaching over 400 million people through a series of online brands.

Starting his empire at just 18 after dropping out of university, the business is now in five locations worldwide; Manchester, London, Berlin, Munich and New York. Steve has become an award winning entrepreneur, being voted by Econsultancy as the 'Most Influential Industry Figure' in 2018.


Steve is often asked, why he does it. Unlike a lot of his entrepreneurial peers, it has very little to do with projecting his image into the public sphere. He does this, to prove to his 18 year old self, that it can be done. You can pull yourself from some of the darkest places, both mentally and physically.. If you have the right drive and determination, it can be done.

Steve wants to inspire a generation to overcome their fear and negativity, and to believe that they can too.

Watch his full story here.